How do I become a Recovery Coach?

There are many pathways of Recovery Coaching. How you choose to become a Recovery Coach is up to you, as is what you wish to do in the field of Recovery Coaching.

At the core of most Recovery Coach titles, designations and certifications is the 30-hour CCAR Recovery Coach Academy training. After completing that training, there are many options to build on this foundation. The majority of designations and certifications call for an additional 15-30 hours of approved training. Some of this additional training often includes:

  • Ethics
  • Medication-assisted Treatment/Recovery

Beyond meeting these baseline requirements to practice Recovery Coaching, there are lots of training options to broaden your science and solidify your personal art of Recovery Coaching.

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If you are interested in any of these training options or are in need of specific training not yet listed above, contact us today!

Recovery Coaches pair their art with learned Science to walk alongside you on your journey of wellness.