CRPA Innovation Fund

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This program is provided by a Schenectady County ALL PEERS (Advocates Liaisons Leaders Partnering Experts Educators Recovery Systems and Supports) Initiative through funds provided by Alliance for Better Health Care.

NOTE: Schenectady County residents will get priority but open spots will then be offered to the Capital Region area and then additional counties. Eligibility will be determined by each of the training providers (Our Wellness CollectiveAlbany Behavioral Health and SUNY Schenectady Community College.

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These courses are being provided by Our Wellness Collective.

Based on the requirements for the NYS CRPA (Certified Recovery Peer Advocate) Certification, this program provides the following training:

  • Recovery Coach Academy for Young Adults (30 hours)
  • Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches (16 hours)
  • MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) Online Course (4 hours)
  • Supervision (25 hours)

Additional descriptions and course objectives can be found here:

Albany Behavioral Health is providing the following courses:

  • Burnout in Human Service Workers (when helpers get exhausted from helping)
  • Cultural Competency in multi-cultural/multi-ethnic settings (shifts amongst treatment organizations willingness or must)
  • Harm Reduction Techniques (a national shift in approaches to substance use disorder)
  • Intervention and Substance Use Disorders (when loved ones refuses to seek help)
  • Substance use Disorders in families (no one left unharmed)
  • Women and Substance Use Disorders (the differences)

Please visit for full course descriptions and contact with questions regarding the courses.

SUNY Schenectady Community College is providing the following courses:

Additional info:

Completed forms should be emailed to Tiziana Rota (

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What is Recovery Coaching?

Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered.
~ Wes Angelozzi

Our Wellness Collective believes in the value of recovery coaching to help individuals, families and communities sustain recovery from addiction.

Recovery Coaching is a tool built on the lived experiences of the coach to better support recoverees (including those directly impacted by addiction and those indirectly affected). Each recovery coach has their own art to offer; Our Wellness Collective helps to draw out those natural abilities and pair them with the science to make the services as effective as possible.

Additionally, Our Wellness Collective contracts and collaborates with business and organizations across the country to advance the field of recovery coaching and foster recovery-oriented systems of care.

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Recovery-Based Training

The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation.
~ Vernon Howard

Our Wellness Collective is a member of CCAR's CART Collaborative
Our Wellness Collective is a member of CCAR’s CART Collaborative

Our focus is to train, supervise and support recovery coaches to reach their ultimate level of success. We are a CCAR & CART Collaborative, offering the Recovery Coach Academy and numerous supplemental training. We provide recovery coach services, as well as supervision to others practicing in the emerging field.

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why you should train with Our Wellness Collective

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Our Wellness Collective is excited to offer Online Training Courses* for recovery professionals!

Stay tuned for this convenient and affordable option for continuing education and professional development.

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How Do We Connect with Ourselves and Others?

Open-ended questions allow us the opportunity to investigate our thoughts and feelings. These types of questions also support the flow of conversation  between two people.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the resources in our upcoming workbook to be published in September (Recovery Month)! Feel free to use and share this great tool and stay tuned for more details on the workbook release!

Whether you are using these questions to explore your own journey, or are directing the power back to someone you are coaching, these thought provoking questions will be a useful tool.

You can download Always Remain Curious with 10 open-ended questions for FREE!

Open-ended questions can be used as a tool in recovery coaching to keep conversation evolving while the recoveree maintains power.

If we remain curious while asking good questions, we can really be present with individuals we are coaching.

Are you a Recovery Professional?

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